Our careers webpage offers information about opportunities to join Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics. We are a young and dynamic team that is constantly developing and is ready to embark on new roads. We value responsibility, performance, and individuality. Our flat hierarchy and short decision-making process gives us a high level of both flexibility and sense of belonging.

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Sonja Wendering
HR Generalist
Phone: 040 800 91 141
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Entry Level Positions

Training Positions at Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics

We offer training positions in the following occupations:

Retail Salesperson
Foreign trade salesperson
Marketing communications salesperson
Digital and print media designer

We look forward to your E-Mail applications for training positions in the occupations listed above.

Internships in Marketing and Public Relations & Communications

Our Marketing and Public Relations Team seeks enthusiastic interns year-round. These exciting internships offer plenty of responsibility. You will be fully integrated into our team, and work on independent projects. You will get a glimpse into our brands and all the activities of a mid-sized company.

Communications & Public Relations

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Andrea Meyer
Location: Hamburg
Professional field: Order Processing and Logistics

My path: After training as an office administrator from 1976 to 1979 in a mid-sized workshop, I was a departmental secretary and administrator at the electrical company AEG Telefunken. Then came my child-rearing years, which I much enjoyed. Back then, it was a privilege to step away from my career in order to fully devote myself to raising my children. During this time, I put in a lot of time doing volunteer work. Meanwhile, I was also still active in sales for a mail order office furniture company.
My Work at A&D: In 2001, I joined Albrecht & Dill as a part-time employee. At that time, they only distributed perfumes and beauty products to perfume stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. When our current Managing Director, Philipp Sahling came on, the number of brands we work with has steadily increased.

In my job, there were and still are constant new challenges. I can definitely say that I have not been bored for a single day in the past 13 years. My daily activities center on the intensive and positive contact we have with our clients, as well as shipping our products in ever-narrower time frames. During my time at Albrecht & Dill, I have met amazing people and worked with a team that has grown over many years. We work together with great commitment and success, and had some great time joking and having fun together along the way.

Stephan Langberg
Location: Hamburg
Professional field: Finance and Accounting Systems Management

My path: After training as a bank officer, I studies Business Education, with a focus on Accounting Systems, Business Psychology, and Company Management. My professional path began in January 2009 as a Junior Controller at Wolff & Olsen GmbH & Co. KG then as Senior Controller, before becoming Controlling Manager at Olsen GmbH & Co. KG fort. 
My Work at A&D: Since November 2013, I have led accounting, liquidity planning and management, and controlling at Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics. I also put into place strategic analyzes and economic feasibility studies, and am responsible for monthly reports as well as annual financial statements. Furthermore, I am the contact partner for Heads of Services in management and finance. My favorite part of my job is the short paths of communications. This means questions are answered quickly, and with little bureaucracy. Here, every employee's voice counts. Our flat hierarchy allows a great degree of responsibility for everyone. Through close collaboration between departments, everyone learns a lot about beyond their own sphere of work. This means a lot of variety, and no time to be bored. Sometimes it's true: tomorrow is another day. And I can't wait! 


Will you confirm receipt of my application?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. We will then carefully review your application, and let you know about the status of your application, and may invite you to an interview.
Are the positions described above still open?
Our job listings are regularly updated. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the positions described above. We look forward to your application!
How do I apply?
Please only apply via E-Mail.
Can I also send a speculative application to Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics GmbH?
Of course. Please make sure to specify in your cover letter your preferred job responsibilities, location, and volume of employment. Please send your speculative application to: Jobs1@ad1950.de
Does Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics GmbH participate in Bachelor-, Master-, or Degree Dissertations?
At this time, Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics GmbH does not participate in Bachelor-, Master-, or Degree Dissertations.
How long is an internship at Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics GmbH?
Albrecht & Dill Cosmetics GmbH offers internships of a minimum of six months.
Which documents should I send with my application?
In order to review your application, we need a meaningful cover letter, an up-to-date CV, and employment references (for students and interns: academic transcripts). If you have proof of IT skills or stays abroad, please also include these with your application. If applying to our Marketing, PR, or Graphic Design departments, samples of your work are also desirable.